Avtotours a leading Moscow bus rental company offers service in the sphere of passenger transportation. Our main service - is bus charter. Avtotours has been operating for more than 10 years. During this period, we have been providing and managing charter and hire services across Moscow and the Russian Federation with a world-wide reputation for quality and excellence.Avtotours has its own bus fleet consisting of modern vehicle such as Neoplan, Mercedes. etc. We organize tours to any place in Russia, for example Moscow, The Golden Ring of Russia, St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod and etc.

Many foreign tour operators as well as local travel companies use our services to organize bus trips throughout Russia. Avtotours has become one of the largest providers of choice for many of the coutry's major companies and corporations, organisations, universities of higher education, schools, sporting organisations, some government institutions. 

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tel: : +7 (926) 841-3195, +7 (495) 645-5509

Address: Polyarnaya st., 31A, Moscow, Russian Federation ;

Bus transportation

We work for those clients who need reliable bus transportation which can be provided in Moscow and Moscow district. We'd be glad to provide comfortable buses for business trips, tours, airport transfers, corporate meetings and events, point-to-point trips, long distance trips, exhibitions, conferences, etc.


Charter Bus Rental.“Autotours” offers luxury coaches for acceptable fair. We offer to rent a wide range of buses: Neoplan, Mercedes, Vanhool, etc. We also organize passenger transportation around Moscow and Moscow Region.


The prices are reasonably low for those who rent buses on a permanent basis (periodic bus transportation, corporate meetings and events ; point-to-point transportation).


Guide service is also possible: city sightseeing tour around Moscow (on weekdays). The minimum price – 1500 Rubles.

It is possible to be accommodated in the “Izmailovo” Hotel, our reliable partner. The company is also assisting in booking hotels and meals (discounted rates are also included). We should be glad to cooperate with You!

Rent a bus

with driver

bus King Long 2014
King Long 2014
(47 seats)

1300 rur/hour
rent a  neoplan
Neoplan (54 seats)
1300 rur/hour
rent minibus mercedes
Mercedes (20 seats)
900 rur/hour
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Phone: +7(926) 841-31-95 (08:00 - 21:00 MSK)
Е-mail: info@avtotours.ru
Address:Polyarnaya, 31 a, Moscow, Russia
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