Commentary from Company Curio Tour Thailand and in behalf of Bangkok
Metropolitan Administration

Dear Kristina,
Thank you for your long time cooperation with us, We have been using
your service with trust, happiness, and belief. You drivers such as
Alexandr, Georgiy, Nikolay, Malik, and any others that I may not remember
all those names but have been using Avtotours service for many years.
I never been disappointed of using services, the drivers always be on
time, trustful, and very care of our people on board, They are very
gentle, and I always get a very good compliment from my guests.
Kristina is very active for her work as a foreign clients manager, she
also speak very good English with smooth accent, and always listen to
your needs with fast response.
We cooperate many group tours to Russia including, The Bangkok
Metropolitan Administration which is our main customers, and Our
Deputy Governor of Bangkok and her advisors have used Avtotours
service and She likes the driver very much, very smooth and Gentle.
Also, our professors from Universities Naraesuan, Thailand very enjoy
gentleman service from Driver Givi, and just a short time ago in April
2015, Our Director from Sport Authority of Thailand has been using
services with a big compliment for a very kind driver. I would like to
thank you all of your service and your staffs performance. We are all
very delightful and will continue using service in our future.

Best Regard,

Jaruphat Panprommin (Tae)
Russia and CIS Tour Manager
Curio Tour and Travel

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King Long 2014
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